Be Certified in both programs to be a complete Data Science Professional

For who aim for entry level positions

Data Science on Big Data

Certification in Big Data Analytics with Entrepreneurship is a truly interdisciplinary business – technology -Analytics program. It is ideal for students eager to bring Data Science into effective use in business

You will become skilled in applying data to develop innovative, value-adding, and sustainable business activities within existing corporations and startups.

You will learn how to translate innovative, data-driven ideas into concrete project requirments, develop technological solutions, launch a business venture, and assess its effectiveness.

Advanced Concepts of Data Science

Data Data Everywhere

From the information generated by your purchase on Amazon to the coupons you redeem at the grocery store to the energy you use in your home, oceans of information that didn’t exist then years ago are now flooding the companies of the world, and Data Scientists and Business Analysts help make sense of that information

“ Data which is too large to handle data- bases for storage is defined as Big Data.”