DataScience for Managers - 5G Analytix

The Secrets to Managing Data Science Analytics Projects

Assemble the right team, ask the right questions, and avoid the mistakes that derail data science projects.

In addition to technical training for entry level professionals such as Data Science for Everyone, the institute is currently launching other program Data Science for Managers

In this special programme, you will learn what you need to know to begin assembling and leading a data science enterprise, even if you have never worked in data science before. You’ll get a crash course in data science so that you’ll be conversant in the field and understand your role as a leader. You’ll also learn how to recruit, assemble, evaluate, and develop a team with complementary skill sets and roles. You’ll learn the structure of the data science pipeline, the goals of each stage, and how to keep your team on target throughout. Finally, you’ll learn some down-to-earth practical skills that will help you overcome the common challenges that frequently derail data science projects.

The Data science for Executives course provides you with a condensed introduction to the key concepts and techniques of machine learning and Business. During this  course, you will explore what is and is not possible with these exciting new tools, and understand how they can benefit your organisation. It will give you the language and framework to talk to both experts and executives.

This will be placed in the wider context of what it means for businesses, so you can understand how these techniques translate to the real world and business value. If you are an Team Lead ,Senior Engineer ,Senior IT  executive, product manager, business leader, or user, this course will help you lead innovative projects more effectively within your business.



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6 Weekends


Applied Learning


Mid Level to Senior Level

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The next cohort starts on 14  April 2018

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April  13, 2018

Who is this degree for:

This course is relevant for Teamleads and managers who supervise teams that identify and  execute data analytics and business intelligence projects. Other junior and senior business  professionals who want to better understand how data science can supercharge corporate  analytics will also benefit from taking this course.

People who are in Team Leader/ Project Manager/ Head of Technology/ Program Manager/ Technology Manager/ Development Manager/ Engineering Manager/ Data Manager/ Chief Manager/ Delivery Manager/ Business Analyst/ Senior Consultants/ Principle Consultant/ Chief Consultant/ IT Analyst/ Senior Analyst/ Principal Statistician or Technology Specialist, Or aspiring or working towards such a role

Data science professionals who are already working Data science industry who wants to move senior level roles or managerial roles

How It Works ?

Business Problems
Data Science Techniques
Project Execution

Programe Coverage

Business Use-case Scenarios

  • Health Care & Pharma

    | Early Diagnosis | Readmissions | Fraud and Failure analysis of clinical trails |

  • Retail

    | SKU Forecasting | Market Basket Analysis | Target Marketing | Cross Selling |

  • Banking & Finance

    | Credit Scoring | Risk Management | Fraud Detection | Loan Approval |

  • Telecom

    | Customer churn Prediction | Plan Recommendation |

  • Insurance

    | Claims Recovery | Fraud Detection | Litigations Prediction | Acrossnation |

  • HR & IT

    | Employee churn predection | Job Recommendation | Ticket Clustering |

  • Stock Market

    | Forecasting |

  • e-Commerce

    | Root Optimization | Customer Transaction Behaviour | Dynamic Offers |

  • Media

    | TV Impressions | TRP Predictions | Ad Targeting

  • Social Media

    | Sentimental Analysis |

  • Other Industries

    | Agriculture | Oil & Gas | Travel Portals | Supply Chain | Manufacturing | Airlines | Marketing | Politics |

Data science Techniques

  • Prediction

    | Regression |

  • Classification

    | Logistic |

  • Forecasting

    | Time Series Analysis |

  • Clustering

    | K Means |

  • Recommandation systems

    | Association Rules |

  • Dimensionality Reduction

    | PCA |

  • Exploratory Data Analysis

    | R Shiny |

  • Intrusion Detection

    | Apache Spark |

  • Real time Data streaming

    | Kafka |

  • Dashboards

    | Tableau |

Data Science Project Management

  • Lifecycle

    | Business Understanding | Data Acquisition and Understanding | Modelling | Deployment | Customer Acceptance |

  • Roles and Tasks

    | Group Manager | Team Lead | Project Lead | Individual Contributor : Data Scientist | Business Analyst | Data Engineer | Architect |

  • Project Structure & Project Planning

    | TDSP | Artefact Templates | Docs : Charter Report and Exit Report | Defining the Team | Assigning the Resources |

  • Project Execution

    | Tools and Utilities | Terminology | Agile | Collaborate Coding | Model Management | Task Execution Steps |

  • Deployment

    | Production Platforms | A / B testing | Progress Tracking |

  • Client  Acceptance

    | System Validation | Exit Report | Project Hand-off |



  • | Intro to R Programming |
  • | Statistics with R |
  • | Data Management |
  • | Hypothesis Testing |
  • | Anova |

Program Methodology

In short,

  • Explain You Business UseCase  and Problems
  • What Analytical / Data Science Techniques are used to solve those Business UseCase
  • How to Manage Business Use Case from Approval to Acceptance

What Course Offers

  • Learn the business side of Data science , with necessary Machine learning techniques
  • Use case based learning which combines Technical concepts and Business concepts
  • High-level overview of data science and big data methods and why it is relevant for managers and executives.
  • Presentation of use cases and examples from industry of how data science can boost business performance and improve corporate bottom lines
  • Understanding of the data science process and critical challenges
  • Understanding of how to evaluate, interpret and present data science results to key  stakeholders and technical teams

This program intended to help each participant uncover 3-5 use cases for Machine Learning, in their business that they can start working on immediately.

Programe offers a real-world, project based curriculum to help your team learn what the world's best data scientist known.
An engaging and practical training approach with a qualified instructor with relevant business, technical, and educational experiences
Our mentors work with you to develop customised and relentlessly practical training tailored to your team's skill and goals

Learn effective methods to help your team to deliver better predictive models faster

Quick Facts

  • First kind of program for Managers
  • Specialised Use Cases
  • Wonderful Portfolio
  • Additional Experience Training
  • Framework of Technical and Business