5G Analytix has successfully established its presence in Artificial Intelligence domain by driving several successful event launches at many cities.

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5G Analytix is one of the divisions of the connate software. We are a group of data scientists and educators who are on a mission to train the next generation of analytics practitioners. We have seen problem of founders and startups not being able to find qualified candidates to take on ambitious role in Technology industry. To "Bridging hap between teaching and working"

We found 5G Analytix to provide students crucial skills most companies need along with industry connections to build a long term and advanced career in this field. Learn from real-world experts on the topics Big Data & Data Science. Experience a better learning platform.

Skills that companies look, but colleges and traditional institutes have failed to provide

Data Data Every where Data.

If you haven't heard, there's a mountain of data created every second of everyday and someone needs to turn it into useful information. May be that someone is you

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Whether you've been considering a career change or you're looking to link your future to the hottest opportunity in computer sciences and business, call or e-mail us today to find out more about Data Science and Big Data Analytics, and the full time certification at 5G Analytix. Your future and mountains of data are waiting

Xenon Stack: Xenon Stack is a software company developing productivity, M and onitoring, Intelligence platforms for Devops, Data integrator, Analysis and securing and provides Big Data solutions. Decision science and Enterprise Application Development on cloud. Building Data-Driven Enterprises solutions, Embedding internet in every aspect of peoples lives. Easing the human life using Analytics and IOT products or contributing towards high performance and releable soltuions.

Connate Software: Connate can boast of more extensive experience in data sciences & Analytics. Then most other companies in India and has been going on uninterrupted since, in a multitude of vertical domains. We are a team of creative technologies that are passionate about data-centric intelligence soltuions to problems that are all around us are believe that the world has just started scratching the surface of Artificial Intelligence and data sciences. We aspire to be at the forefront of such innovations and implementations of data-centric intelligence.

Iprism Technologies:Iprism Technologies is a global Technology and process driven software, Web and Mobile app solutions company offering customer centric solutions with knowledge and experience of entire IT lifecycle. Head Quartered in United States of America with three delivery centers in India, Australia, South Africa and operations in Middle East Europe.

We found 5G Analytix to provide students crucial skills most companies need along with industry connections to build a long term and advanced career in this field.

“ Skills that companies look, but colleges and traditional institutes have failed to provide”

"Bridging gap between teaching and working"

The Widespread use of Artificial Intelligence - enabled technologies could double the economic growth rates of many advanced countries by 2030

We should see in next couple of years, a vast improvement in current state-of-the-art machine learning in cyber security, payment intelligence.

Learning skills that are in exceptionally high demand.

You will learn straight what employees work in Multinational Companies

We will fill the gap between teaching and working

The certification program is a research oriented degree. Most of studies are affiliated with an advisors research project, in which they gain hands on experience with advanced research and state of the art software.

Interaction with senior Data Scientist who work with our associated companies.

Directly involve with product develop team and Research centre

Learn the technologies tools, products, where data science companies generally work other than R

Solve actual problems with real data sets from industrial partners

Apply Data Entrepreneurship in building a technology startup

You will learn with case based study

Best place to come Learn Engage Develop and Work

Get relief from Traditional Training with Industrial Training

Our Programes

Data Science on Big Data

Certification in Big Data Analytics with Entrepreneurship is a truly interdisciplinary business - technology - Analytics program. It is ideal for students eager to bring Data Science into effective use in business.

You will become skilled in applying data to develop innovative, value-adding, and sustainable business activities within existing corporations and startups.

Advanced concepts of Data Science

From the information generated by your purchase on Amazon to the coupons you redeem at the grocery store to the energy you use in your home, oceans of information that didn’t exist then years ago are now flooding the companies of the world, and Data Scientists and Business Analysts help make sense of that information.

“ Data which is too large to handle data bases for storage is defined as Big Data.