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Data Science for Everyone

Certification in Big Data Analytics with Entrepreneurship is a truly interdisciplinary business - technology -Analytics program. It is ideal for students eager to bring Data Science into effective use in business

Data Science for Managers

Data Data Everywhere

The Secrets to Managing Data Science Analytics Projects Assemble the right team, ask the right questions, and avoid the mistakes that derail data science projects.

"AI will add 2.3 million jobs by 2020"


Tech giants are rapidly migrating to an AI-first world. The industry is getting disrupted. It is very obvious where tomorrow’s jobs are going to be. Upgrading your expertise in AI/ML is the best way to sustain your career growth and professional stability. In the words of famous Jack Trout, it is time to ‘differentiate or die’.

Computers will overtake humans with artificial intelligence within 20 years.When that happens, we need to be sure the computers have goals aligned with ours.It is about replacing human decision making with sophisticated technologies

AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning Constitute 60% of the Demand

Experience is losing its premium. With traditional IT job roles vanishing, Techies are turning to short-term Deep-learning courses to stay in the race.

~Times Of India

A Breakthrough in Machine Learning will be Worth Ten Microsofts"

~Bill Gates

Whether we are aware or not, every aspect of our life is touched by AI/ML applications like Shopping Assistants, Spam Filters, Home Automation, Chat Bots, Self Driving Cars, Surgical Bots, Robo Advisors, Algorithmic Trading, Robotic Process Automation, Speech Recognition, Real-time Language Translation, Computer Vision, Data Mining, and a whole lot more.

Machine Learning is the field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed

Young Entrepreneurs Are Applying the Power of Big Data to the Real World


Involves the successful development of new business models and entrepreneurial ventures by exploiting new algorithms, models, theories, tools, and project solutions including data entrepreneurship, defining business models, fueling creativity and fostering open innovation. Supporting disciplines, including law and Ethics

Learn to exploit ​the data revolution...

You will be skilled in applying the data revolution to develop innovative, value-adding and sustainable business activities within existing corporations and startups. You will learn how to translate innovative, data driven ideas into concrete project requirements, develop technological solutions, launch a business venture and assess its effectiveness

5G Analytix

Bigdata Analytics & Data Science

The 5GAnalytix executive program in data science is a highly-selective program for students with strong background in mathematics, computer science and applied statistics. The degree focuses on the development of new methods for data science.

5GAnalytix also offers students or employees the opportunity to pursue campus integrated internship program that is 4 months on campus and 2 months outside campus.

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We strive to consistently and effectively plan, execute and deliver high quality services and results.

World Class Curriculum

Course content is developed by analytics experts from among the world and taught by well qualified faculty with extensive experience in their respective domains.

Learning Methodology

You will learn the work what exactly data scientists does at multinational companies, to gain real experience by working on real companies live projects.

Data Science Labs

Our cloud factory enables you get lab online on private cloud within minutes and access spark and hadoop cluster from anywhere to solve real world problems.

Product Development & Research

Be a part of product development team to develop analytical products along with analytical services

Mentors & Instructors

We make your learning experience engaging through interactions with top industry experts from leading big data companies


Excellent placement assistance with an average of 4 interviews per person nationally and globally.


It is no secret that there is a shortage of data scientists in abroad work force. Many companies look to hire overseas to help ease the domestic talent shortfall (in fact, one in three data scientists are born outside the US ) not all visas are created equal. Some technologies have high approval rates.

At the data incubator, we help companies hire data scientists from our big data fellowship. The course benefits in getting a head of the curve among H1B Applicants and Permanent Residence.

We offer services for getting permanent citizenship in Abroad.
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Staffing and Looking for Talent ?

Companies and startups looking for professionals in next generation skills for developing team in Big Data, Data Science and Deep Learning. Our alumni are skilful and adoptive to your environment and business needs. So register your company or startups to get right people. Our students have wide range of skills with varied backgrounds

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